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Song of the Single Girl: Still Single is a blend of comedy, songs and cabaret all celebrating exactly what it’s like to be a twenty-something singleton in the city. Co-written and starring the delicious Katie Brennan, Song of the Single Girl returns for Valentine’s Day 2014 after a very successful 2013 debut.
Designing the collateral for this show was a treat; Katie gave me free reign to come up with something that hinted at the anti-Valentine’s theme but didn’t feel negative and depressing. The inclusion of photography ensured that this year’s identity would be drastically different from the 2013 show, and also allowed for a strong personal presence. The headline is picked out in a bespoke free-hand painted type to give the theme a more personal air, with the lipstick-print and heart patterns adding to the more frivolous mood of the overall event.


Katie Brennan


November 2013


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