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Katie Brennan actress, singer and cabaret queen, has put together a glorious new cabaret ‘TwentySomething The Quarter Life Crisis Cabaret’. Packed with fantastic musical numbers, dynamic duets and wonderfully witty commentary of the life of the modern day twenty something. Katie came to me to the design the collateral for this event, covering off social media images, posters and leaflets. The concept ‘all these things swirling around my head and me looking comically anxious’ came from Katie herself and featured illustrations of an array of different ‘issues’ twentysomethings face today. To pull the concept together, the type was illustrated to match the icons and the colour palette kept to a clean simple black and white with red and blue accents.

Following a sold-out two-night run at The Alley Cat in Denmark Street, London the show has been picked up for two shows at the St. James Theatre in January and March. 


Katie Brennan


November 2015


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